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For the past 27 years the Chair Academy has invested considerable energy in designing and delivering an annual international leadership conference that has drawn together over 10,000 attendees. The opportunity to listen to phenomenal keynote presentations, and create the space for dozens of enlightening concurrent and round table discussions, in a geographical area that is culturally inviting and exciting comes at a price.

To minimize the financial burden for individual attendees, we’ve relied on the generous support of conference sponsors. We are very grateful for the support provided in the past, and to ensure it continues we’ve created several sponsor levels to encourage participation and connect your support to something of real value.

The options below, provide four distinct levels to consider, each of which potentially return a value to the sponsoring organization that exceeds that of the original contribution. In addition to recognizing sponsors during the Conference itself, in our publications, and on our web site, we have identified a set of tangible benefits that connect directly to various sponsor categories, from Diamond to Silver.

We invite you to consider your choice this year to ensure the 27th Annual Conference truly exceeds all our expectations. The Academy sincerely thanks you in advance for your support.

Diamond Sponsorship - $10,000 +
Platinum Sponsorship - $5,000 +
Gold Sponsorship - $3,500 +
Silver Sponsorship - $1,500 +
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Diamond - $10,000

Platinum - $5,000 +

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