The Chair Academy

Worldwide Leadership Development For College and University Leaders

Conference Call For Proposals

The Conference Goal is to provide programs that specifically address the administrative and academic needs of college and university leaders, develop the skills required for effective leadership, and maximize the opportunity for conference participants to interact with each other.

The Chair Academy invites you to submit a proposal, summarizing a presentation, you would like to share with our conference participants at our 26th Annual International Leadership Conference, in Orlando, Florida.

Presentations are to be relevant, useful, and practical to the complex role of educational leaders. Sessions are NOT to promote publications or other materials that involve remuneration, advertise consulting services, or endorse commercial ventures. All sessions are participant centered, rather than lecture format, and actively involve participants through discussions and activities.

Presenters who are selected will receive a discounted conference registration.

We are still accepting proposals, but all submissions will be back-ups in case of cancellations.

Concurrent Sessions . . .

are Participant Centered Presentations, requiring dialogue/interaction
with the participants
, these sessions are presented with the support
of AV equipment, and usually have 30-40 participants.

Concurrent sessions receive an LCD Projector, Screen, Flip Chart
Stand/Pad, and Markers.

Roundtable Sessions . . .

are facilitator led discussions with a smaller group (10-20 participants)

Roundtable Sessions are provided with a Flip Chart Stand/Pad and
markers only.

Your Presentation . . .

Title of Presentation
Provide a title (12 words maximum- See example below)
describing the specific content of the session.

Description of Presentation
Provide a 100-word summary of the session with five (5) bullet points that tells participants how they will benefit from attending your session.

Please make sure to grammar and spell-check your
session summary prior to submission.

How Your Summary Will Appear in the Program . . .

proposal summary example


You will be notified by February 1, 2017 if your proposal has been accepted.

All accepted Concurrent Session proposals will require the presenter to submit a paper describing their session topic.

Type of Presentation - Please select ONE option
Concurrent Session - 90 minutes (up to 50 people in attendance)
Projectors and screens are provided. Internet on request. No Laptops provided.
Session Theme - Please select ONE option

Technology in Education

Well-Being and Personal Growth


Presenters Names - Please list all presenters:
Co-Presenter 1:
Co-Presenter 2:
Co-Presenter 3:
Title of Presentation

Provide a title, (12 word maximum),
describing the specific topic of the

This is the title that will appear
in the Conference Program

  Description of Presentation



Audiovisual Requests

Roundtable Sessions
Paper Release

As the primary contact person for the roundtable/concurrent conference session,
I hereby authorize the Chair Academy to upload, to their website, the Session Paper,
that I, or my team, will be submitting.
I acknowledge and permit my photo to be taken during my session presentation,
for use in conference marketing.

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