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Advanced Academy Registration

Please select your Academy from the list below. Then, fill out the information below. The Academy team will process your information, and send you a confirmation email with your invoice withing 3 business days.

Checks are the Academy's preferred form of payment. However, we do take credit card payments. Online Credit card processing is not available at this time. Please call our Credit Card Processing line (480-461-6271) to make payments. The Credit card Hotline is only available from 8:00am - 3:00pm MST, Wednesday.


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  Participants Information - All fields are required
Any other dietary requests should be made directly with the hotel. They will be happy to assist.
  Supervisor Information - All fields are required

We will invoice you for the registration amount (Shown on your Academy class page),
AFTER we process your registration form.

A confirmation email, with an attached invoice for payment, will be emailed to you
within five business days. Please DO NOT contact the Academy offices, about payment,
until you have received the confirmaton email.

Cancellation Policy

'Registered participants unable to attend an Academy program or event must
notify the Chair Academy Liaison TWO WEEKS prior to the first day of the event. 
All cancellations must be received in writing at

Written cancellations submitted prior to the two week deadline will be waived of the $250 administration fee if NO expense has been incurred by The Chair Academy in support of the event itself. 

All cancellations submitted within the two week period will be subject to a
$250.00 (USD)
administration fee.

This policy will also recognize that when a registration is shifted from one Academy program to another, and no direct expense is incurred by The Chair Academy in the process, the $250 administration fee will be waived. 

Written notification of this substitution must be sent to the Academy Liaison and confirmed with the Associate Director prior to the event.  

Depending on the venue, you may also be responsible for paying hotel and catering costs.
Please contact the Chair Academy office for specific information related to your academy.

Special Accommodations:
If special accommodations are required, written notification must be
provided to the Chair Academy  90 days in advance of an Academy and or
Conference.  All registrations and payments need to be received at the
time of your request.  Refunds will not be provided.

Photo Release:
During the course of your onsite residential training, your photo will be taken individually and in group situations. By submitting this form, you are permitting the Academy to post these photos,
and/or your name in our social media feeds and possibly in our refereed journal Leadership.

We will not release any personal information.

By submitting this form, you are stating that you have read and agreed
to the cancellation and transfer policy and accept its terms.


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