About the Advanced Academy

About the Advanced Academy

The Advanced Academy is specifically designed to build and expand on prior training, knowledge, experience, and understanding of managing the enterprise of education. As educators, we have been examining the societal impact of higher education for well over 200 years, and higher education remains a key economic driver valued in communities in this increasingly competitive global environment. With issues now relating to student preparedness, access, affordability, program flexibility, completion requirements, and relevancy dominating the conversation, funding models are under much closer scrutiny and expectations are being refined. These, and many other challenges, offer higher education and organizational leaders new opportunities to adapt products and processes to meet emerging realities and build a culture of leadership.

Participants of the Advanced Academy are invited to take a much more global look at education as an industry, examine the many changes that are occurring within and to this industry, and reflect on the impact these changes are having on higher education and organizational leaders. The dialogue, surveys, and resources connected to the Advanced Academy focus on relevant theories, case studies, and practical applications centered on the many dimensions of leadership affecting change in an organizational setting.  Sessions are geared toward reframing organizations, critical decision-making, and leading with integrity, all intended to expand the skill sets required of those seeking to become more transformative agents and influencers within their organizations.

Who Should Attend the Advanced Academy

The Advanced Academy is designed as the next step in leadership development for higher education and organizational leaders who have established themselves with an accumulative body of experience and served for some period in a leadership capacity or tangential position.  This program does not require the Foundation Academy as a prerequisite, but it does build on its competencies and principles.  The Advanced Academy extends prior knowledge and skill sets for your current position and provides continuous development for those who may aspire to more advanced, executive-level positions in higher education settings, public or private, college or university.

Graduates of the Foundation Academy, as well as leaders from higher education organizations world-wide, are encouraged to attend. 

The Academy for Advanced Leadership is limited to 35 participants per program.

Features and Design

As established and experienced leaders, Advanced Academy participants build and expand on past training, experience, and understandings relevant to leadership positions with increasing responsibilities in their organizations. Based on the concept of continued development over time, participants are involved in active discussion groups, focused presentations, engaging exercises, relevant case studies, and insightful multi-media enhancements. This Advanced Program provides opportunities to reflect on, clarify, and debate a wide variety of issues relevant to the enterprise of education in the 21st century.
Four basic criteria are incorporated in both the design and delivery of the Advanced Academy:

  • • Active engagement of participants
  • • Meaningful and relevant curriculum
  • • Content that is useful and applicable to learning in the job setting  
  • • Measurable development outcomes

Outcomes of the Advanced Academy include:

  • • Discover knowledge about one’s self and the world in which higher education and organizational leaders must operate.
  • • Gain a working understanding about the importance and dynamics of organizational culture and values.
  • • Explore and develop an increased understanding of the parameters related to the enterprise of higher education, including policy and politics, the art of critical decision making, and the motives and motivations that govern individual and organizational behaviors.

Academy facilitators and participants build a sense of commitment and community by developing shared images of the future they seek to create, as well as guiding principles and practices that are needed to achieve that future.

Academy facilitators are subject matter experts and practitioners in the field of higher education and leadership. They work to establish a good foundation of knowledge in both areas in order to aid participant growth and development.

Guest speakers may be added to help contextualize the discussion and ensure participants gain perspective of the many issues being confronted by higher education and organizational leaders.

As in the Foundation Academy, the Advanced Academy serves to establish a network of useful relationships across a wider spectrum of higher education.  These relationships help enlighten, support, and reinforce the creative thinking and visioning individual participants engage in throughout this year-long program.


Program Elements

The Advanced Academy consists of two, 3-day residential sessions, one year apart.  These sessions are identified as Part 1 of 2, and Part 2 of 2.  A year-long practicum experience occurs between these training sessions, with support and guidance provided by Academy Facilitators, self-selected mentors, and an Academy liaison.

The Practicum includes:

Personal Investment Plan (PIP)
Participants develop and implement an investment plan, outlining two major objectives requiring attention and effort during the practicum year. Investment plans serve as the participant’s guide through their practicum experience.

Mentoring and Coaching 
After completing Part 1 of the Advanced Academy, participants self-select an internal and/or external mentor who will provide support, guidance, and feedback during the practicum year.  A mentor selection form is submitted to the Academy, providing information about the chosen mentor.

Academy Facilitators provide coaching and further guidance and support during the Advanced Academy.

Reflective Practice and Journaling 
During the practicum experience, participants are encouraged to continually reflect on their leadership capacity and their PIP. Reflection helps participants establish a benchmark journal of where they are now, determine what they have learned from their objectives and experiences, and focus on what they will do as a transformative leader in the future.

Online Connection 
Participants are encouraged to remain engaged in online discussions and webinars. Academy Facilitators are also available during these online connections.
Lifetime Academy Membership is available to all participants, providing an additional forum of collaboration and learning.  Membership benefits include a broad spectrum of materials, publications, and events that further enhance leader skill sets, curiosity, and insight.

Surveys and Assessments
Several assessments are required prior to starting the Advanced Academy.  Participants need to have a good understanding of the Strengths and Behavior Style (DiSC).  The descriptors from both assessments are referred to throughout the Academy.  If you have not completed these surveys in the past, contact the Academy office for more information about finalizing this requirement.

An individual Values Survey will be completed during Part 1 of the Advanced Academy. 

Academy for Advanced Leadership Certificate of Completion 
With completion of the Advanced Academy, each graduate is recognized with a framed “Certificate of Completion” and an Advanced Academy pin, celebrating his/her efforts and successful attainment of the Advanced Program competencies.

Academy Costs

This Academy Program includes two residential sessions, approximately one year apart.

Total Academy Program Cost: $3,800.00* (USD)

Session Part 1:  $2,800.00* (USD)
Program Costs:

  • • Professional facilitation team and coaches
  • • All Academy curriculum, resources, materials, and online forums
  • • Academy liaison to provide assistance during the year
  • • Academy certificate

Food and Administrative Costs:

  • • Daily lunches and breaks
  • • One dinner
  • • Venue and administrative charges

Session Part 2 - $ 1,000.00* (USD)
Food and Administrative Costs:

  • • Daily lunches and breaks
  • • One dinner
  • • Venue and administrative charges

*Costs listed above are approximates, dependent upon location, venue, and food packages.

• Additional costs for travel, lodging, and food (outside of package) are the responsibility of each participant.
• Customized Academy schedules have different costs associated with each program.

Program Topics

PART 1, Residential Session Topics

  • • Welcome and Program Overview
  • • Deconstructing Leadership
  • • Complex World and Organizations
  • • Managing Stress
  • • The Art of Critical Decision Making
  • • Exploring Questions of Value
  • • Politics and Policy
  • • Career Mapping and Management
  • • Investing in Your Future
  • • Practicum and Program Close


PART 2, Residential Session Topics

  • • Reconnect and Practicum Reflection
  • • Scouting the Future ~ Mega Trends
  • • Leading with Integrity
  • • Cultural Assessment
  • • Reframing Organizations
  • • Challenge the Paradigm
  • • Building a Culture of Leadership
  • • Servant Leadership
  • • Success Built to Last
  • • The Rhythm of Life
  • • Celebration and Graduation

Program Competencies

The Advanced Academy Competencies are aligned with the Competencies for Community College Leaders developed by the American Association of Community Colleges and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges.

1.  Recognize the unique talents of team members and work to align roles, responsibilities, and expectations so that they can use their talents in pursuit of individual, team, and organizational goals

2.  Create a spirit of community by celebrating the values and victories of individuals and the team

3.  Inspire others by relating to them in ways which energize and uplift them

4.  Identify, equip, coach, and mentor the leaders around me for sustained success and succession planning

5.  Understand, appreciate and value diversity and inclusion

6.  Engage in constructive dialogue

7.  Challenge assumptions

8.  Create and maintain a climate of teamwork and trust through open and honest communication

9.  Resolve difficult moral dilemmas by understanding and considering varying perspectives diversity

10. Engage in ethical behavior

11. Respect and value differences

12. Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust

13. Engage in reflective practice to better learn and grow as a leader

14. Strengthen others by sharing power, discretion, authority, and information

15. Forward-looking, regarding the potential benefits and uses of technology to connect individuals and teams for increased access, engagement, and assessment of organizational and learning outcomes

16. Identify, access, and manage risks and opportunities individually and throughout my organization so that I efficiently and effectively use my organization’s resources

17. Recognize leadership at all levels and constituencies within the organization, and work to develop leaders within my organization

18. Make teamwork, trust, and empowerment essential elements of leadership

19. Explore the enterprise of education

20. Develop employees and staff through succession planning and professional development opportunities

21. Embrace change

22. Enhance the opportunity for personal and professional growth to facilitate success



Graduate Credit

The Chair Academy has formed partnerships to offer participants the opportunity to earn credits toward a graduate degree.  With successful completion of the Academy Program, see the options available for continued education.

Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada

Cai Don Program Manager - CLICK HERE TO EMAIL

Graduates of the Chair Academy, who are accepted into the RRU Masters of Arts in Higher Education Administration and Leadership (MAHEAL) program, can be granted credit completion for MA HEAL 530: Leading Educational Change in Higher Education Environments, should they make application to do so. The course carries a value of 3 credits. The course credit is not transferable to any other course within the MAHEAL program and applies exclusively to the MAHEAL program

Three (3) credits are offered through Royal Roads University






Historical Academy Class Pages

A historical archive of Academy Programs. If you are looking for specific info that cannot be found on the link, please email the Academy at leadership@chaireacademy.com.

If you are looking for an Academy Class Page prior to 2013-2014, Contact the Academy at leadership@chairacademy.com, and request the link. We will be glad to send it to you.


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